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My commitment
to sellers

  • I list your property on the website of the Greater Montreal Real Estate Board, which represents 90% of the real estate market, as well as on several internet platforms such as re/ and I also launch a marketing offensive on social media.
  • You benefit from an electronic registry of motivated buyers who are looking for a specific property that could be yours.
  • I have a professional photo shoot of your property done by a company specializing in real estate development.
  • I install a for-sale sign announcing that you are doing business with Re/Max, a renowned banner that consumers know and trust, and with a broker who is very active in your neighbourhood.
  • I distribute promotional cards throughout your neighbourhood announcing that your home is for sale, complete with colour photos and a detailed description.
  • I hold several open houses and advertise them in multiple media. All buyers on the electronic registry will be invited to these open houses.
  • I will personally manage and attend all visits by appointment. I will also follow-up after each visit so that we can benefit from visitor comments.
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Pro home-selling tips

Before visits

  • Leverage the power of first impressions. Pay attention to outside spaces (lawn, snow removal, front entrance, smell, impeccable cleanliness).
  • Let the sun shine in. Open windows and curtains. A sunny room is a cheery room, which is a must for some customers.
  • Think top-to-bottom. Show off your home in its best light (including the basement) by decluttering. A fresh coat of paint never hurts.
  • Remember: Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes. Keep them spotless and gleaming. Always replace damaged items when possible to increase your chances of getting the asking price.
  • Keep bedrooms tidy. Remove unnecessary furniture and use colourful and attractive bedspreads.
  • Consider offering visitors a small refreshment. Just a few bucks spent can go a long way.

During visits

  • We strongly advise sellers to be absent during visits. Potential buyers will be more comfortable to linger and chat. The longer they stay, the greater your chances of selling.
  • Visitors may not share your taste in music. Soft background music is best.
  • Do not allow pets to roam freely. Keep in mind that not everyone enjoys animals.
  • Certain smells will entice buyers, such as freshly baked bread or burning firewood. Other odours, such as fried fish or eggs, will not.
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